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The Story takes us back to Spain, to the house we built on Cabo Machichaco and to life on the road with a family of gypsies and their caravans pulled by donkeys, mules and horses.

The experience was the seed for a new reality: we sold the house with all of our stuff and set out for Argentina to live on horseback.
RIDING INTO THE WIND is the story of our four and a half years on the trail.

In 1973, we rode onto an old homestead on the side of a mountain in northern BC, overlooking lakes and forests and decided to call this place home.

The walls of the old Swede Johnson cabin were still intact, we built a floor and a roof for our 12 by 14 foot home.

Three daughters, Raya, Conchita and Naomi joined us.
We worked the land with horses and for many years, horse logging was a substantial part of our livelihood.

As the girls grew, our focus changed to competition horses for dressage and jumping .

Saddle Tramp Ranch became ST Training Stables

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Andalusian Horses
For almost five years, we travelled the plains and mountains, deserts and jungles of the three Americas with descendants of the Spanish Horses. We sought out horses and horsemen along the way, read what we could get our hands on about the history of the horses in the Americas. We have a great affinity for the Spanish horse and the Spanish culture, dating back to the sixties when we lived and worked in Spain.
Campanillero 111 was the first pure Spanish Horse to set foot on the ranch.
He came here for training; he was not our horse - but he changed our world forever.

The Ranch

Working Students
Passing our knowledge of horses to the next generation is very important to us. Following is a photo story from a few who have shared our world In recent years.
Each brought something different and each experienced a different aspect of our life with horses here at Rancho Americas..

Draft Horses

© Elly  Foote PhotoID# 9696534: Summer Camp Program
Summer Camps have been part of the ranch since 1975.

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