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What Readers Say about Riding Into The Wind

By Wynne (Norridgewock, ME USA)

I found this book by chance one day when casually meandering through reviews and links at Amazon. How strange to discover such a profoundly moving book in such a manner! It is easily one of the best books I've read in the past 10 years, yet I almost missed it entirely. My copy is now littered with "footprints" as I marked passage after passage of wisdom that the Foote's acquired and shared, such as this: "Years of travelling, always wary, taught us that all you control is your own reaction. And that is how you can control a situation." But the book shares much more than wisdom acquired on the trail. It also shares the pain and joy and intensity of an incredible journey.

A "tail" for living
By James H. Cox (Mansfield, OH)

At first glance, RITW might be considered a book about the incredible endurance of horses in extreme environments. Perhaps the casual reader will believe this book to be about 2 people out to "find" themselves. Recent dovotees of "Ecoquests" and endurance sports would no doubt find some connection to this tale. In my opinion the authors reach much deeper and explore fundamental life questions as much as provide rich description of some of the most challenging terrain on the planet. This book is no rehash of a diary. Nor is it a "travelouge" describing the really cool things to do during the day and the jacuzzi stops at night. Observe: Nathan and Elly's journey took place over 30 years ago - RITW was published in 2003! Life has continued for Nathan and Elly. This book was written certainly to entertain and astound but with wisdom that comes from much reflection and organization of thoughts. All of this, but I am fairly certain that any reader will cheer, imagine the bugs, smell the vegetation, cry at losses, "squoosh" in the mud, learn from the anguish and subsequent (though not necessarily inevitable) perserverence to recovery, dabble into the politics of the time, and complete the book fully satiated. Oh, and yes, this book most exquisitely and beautifully describes horses, horsemanship and the bond human beings can share with these marvelous creatures as well

A Blueprint for Living, November 3, 2003
By Karen Loftus (Toronto, Ontario) - See all my reviews

After reading about the journey of Nathan and Elly Foote, I was left with a profound sense of inspiration. How wonderful it is to read about a couple who have consciously chosen to forge out their life plan completely in their own way, relying on their own instincts to take them further. This story is rich on so many levels - mans relation to himself, to others, to nature, to the land. Such vivid descriptions take you along with them right into the heart of the Patagonia and beyond.
This book resonates with life and adventure and pure good ol' fashioned SOUL !
I am truly grateful to Nathan and Elly for opening themselves up, and sharing their blueprint for living. This is a fabulous read that will leave you ready to leap onto your own path believing in your own journey!