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The Story takes us back to Spain, to the house we built on Cabo Machichaco and to life on the road with a family of gypsies and their caravans pulled by donkeys, mules and horses.

The experience was the seed for a new reality: we sold the house with all of our stuff and set out for Argentina to live on horseback.
RIDING INTO THE WIND is the story of our four and a half years on the trail.

In 1973, we rode onto an old homestead on the side of a mountain in northern BC, overlooking lakes and forests and decided to call this place home.

The walls of the old Swede Johnson cabin were still intact, we built a floor and a roof for our 12 by 14 foot home.

Three daughters, Raya, Conchita and Naomi joined us.
We worked the land with horses and for many years, horse logging was a substantial part of our livelihood.

As the girls grew, our focus changed to competition horses for dressage and jumping .

Saddle Tramp Ranch became ST Training Stables

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