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from Lonnie Basnet Remembering Old Times

I am amazed at how many memories surface looking at all the pictures. I too would like to thank you both for some wonderful summers a whole lot of years ago.. As I remember Elly had to go diggin’ around to find her old English saddle to put on Lady Moose on that very first visit I paid to Saddel Tramp? Many great hours (and hard) were spent learning to drive the teams (Molly and Dolly, and Flikk and ??) to cut hay and turn hay with the old dump rake. We worked our butts off! Funny incidents like Feodore scarring the crap outta everyone in the middle of the night (we did think he was a BEAR!), milking the goat Floritta so the orphan Princess(Belgian foal) could have her supper the house on the living room floor!! (It was raining and we couldn’t have her catching a cold… You guys didn’t even get mad?). Pinto, the coolest mustang EVER! He really could read your mind Nate. Or when Sue and I overfed Mark (Belgian stallion) all summer, boy he really DID look good, so what if he was a little “spunky”? Or how about when I got trapped on Spanky’s hill by the waterhole, between mamma bear and her two cubs, after dismounting Angel and loosening the girth?? Let’s hear it for flying mount on terrified anglo arab in full gallop and wet drawers. Nobody even commented on my incessant singing thereafter of “99 bottles of beer on the wall” the rest of the summer whenever we went for a trail ride? Also quotes like;” where is Nate? He is hand breeding ….” Still makes me laugh and I remember it like yesterday.J The joys of making pancakes at 6 in the morning to A LOT of people, bathing in a way too cold lake, and the outhouse are things that in my my adult life make me appreciate warm running water, electricity, fast food and bathrooms. Like Stephanie, I also got my first love from you, Zorro, for that I am so grateful.

I am currently receding in Denmark, my country of birth with my man and daughter. I have a beautiful Trakehner gelding and my daughter has two wonderful ponies. If you ever come for a visit to Sweden, drop by – we are in the “neighborhood” .

Luv Lonnie


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